Rivka Cymbalist

midwife, Writer, and Teacher in Montreal, Québec, Canada

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About Myself:

My talent lies in attending birthing women, and so I have witnessed hundreds of babies coming into the world. I am also the director of Montreal Birth Companions, which is a volunteer organization that provides free doula services to refugee and immigrant women. I am the creator of MBC Doula School, which teaches the skills and art of becoming a Birth Keeper.

I am also the proud new owner/partner of the Caffe della Pace, the newest and coolest cafe in Montreal.

Other Details:

Rivka was born in Africa, and loves to travel and read. She is married with five sons and lives with her family in Montreal and Italy.
Her book, The Birth Conspiracy, Natural Birth, Hospitals, and Doulas: A Guide was released by Curioso Books in November, 2011.

  • Work
    • MBC Doula School; Caffe della Pace; Montreal Birth
  • Education
    • CPM, B.A.