Ria Singh

Student and Peer Advisor in University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

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Hello Everyone! My name is Ria Singh and I'm a Junior at the University of Kansas studying Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology on the Pre-Med track. As can be guessed, I am a Science person who enjoys studying Biology, Chemistry and surprisingly even Physics. Apart from that, I do have additional interests in the subjects of Sociology and History. I enjoy reading crime, suspense and thriller fiction along with binge watching detective series on the Netflix. My favorite series of all time are the Sherlock Homes and the Criminal Minds.

I am a traveller by heart and, thus am always up for any travel or excursion plans. In my 4 year stay in the United States, I have visited around 11 states so far and the list is still counting. My dream holiday would be in Rome, Italy as I am immensely fascinated by its Ancient Roman and Greek Architecture.

An important aspect of my life is food thus, I really enjoy exploring new restaurants and trying different world cuisines. My all time favorite however, is the Indian food with all its authentic herbs and spices.

Finally, I love interacting with people and fostering new connections. I am a patient and keen listener, thus you can always count on me for any long hour coffee table conversations. Presently, I am working with the Undergraduate Advising Center as a Peer Advisor and am more than happy to assist my fellow jayhawks in every possible way I can.