Rich Murnane

DataGeek in Annapolis, Maryland, United States

I'm a #DataGeek and I love helping people with data...

Sometime ago my daughter asked me if I was a "renaissance man" because of all the different types of jobs I had throughout the years. We all found this quite funny (Michelangelo/Leonardo I am not), but I did spend a little time jotting down the jobs I've had through the years. The list goes something like this:

paperboy, dishwasher, short order cook, grocery store stock boy, pool cleaner, administrative assistant, auto mechanic, football team equipment manager, bartender, restaurant busboy, mover, warehouse employee, inventory counter, carpenter, pension plan administrator, desktop systems administrator, project manager, Excel spreadsheet & macro builder, software quality assurance tester, data analyst, database developer, database administrator (DBA), wanna-be UNIX/Linux administrator, DBA team manager, website designer, IT Solutions Architect, a business proposal writer, large-quote/bill-of-materials administrator, wanna-be product manager, data architect, data quality manager, data management blogger and tweeter, homeowners community website administrator, data management team director, data governance leader, sales engineer, and data management subject matter expert.

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    • Salisbury University