Richard Duggan

Consultant and People Manager in Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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Richard just finished my recent opportunity to work in Northern Canada. My experience working with different cultures in some of the harshest weather and most remote small communities with bring the 21th century retail goods and financial services with great friendly personable customer service plus dealing with issues that normally don’t excess in Southern Canada. How often would you deal with getting six months’ worth of product shipped by sea or four weeks of product while waiting for ice road to melt or to form? Just a different way of life.

Passed experience of starting my own consulting company in 2010 called Duggan Media, which Richard enjoyed working with people to expose them to how small to Medium business people can give their business exposure. Worked for as a consultant for a IT firm In Toronto, ON

Worked in other retail companies where I managed people for a good number of years in a high volume location. Received award for personal sales two years in a row and as well for the store for Growth % of sales for 4 years in a row. Learned the skilled of building relationships with clients (personal or businesses) to build the business. Gained a great knowledge of the Canadian Financial industry while working for one of the Largest Retail Banking companies in Canada by being the tip of the spear or working on the front line.

Richard has a background in Accounting & Tax Preparation from Niagara College.

Richard’s goal is to establish a relationship with a company that is mutually beneficial for both parties where I can contribute by applying my experience and knowledge while continuing to grow by learning and adapting to fit the dynamic environment.

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