Rich Duggan

Richard founded Duggan Mediain October/2010 with a goal of help people with their business by showing them how to connect with people by using social & digital marketing to build their voice & brand. Richard got the idea after working for a local digital publication Company in St Catharines, and a IT Company in Toronto.

Richard has developed this style of engaging customers to turn them into clients with many companies by understanding there need with a great deal of success by using tool like Interactive Web sites, Social Networking & Direct Marketing.

Richard has worked in building brand awareness on a local level with by understanding how important customer service is to the business & client. He has worked in industries like finance, telecommunications, automotive, big box retail & information technology.

Richard has five plus years experience in management, where he has received awards for his leading of sales teams, giving great customer service & achieving sales targets(both as a team & personally).

Richard has a background in Accounting & Tax Preparation from Niagara College.

My goal is to establish a relationship with a company that is mutually beneficial for both parties where I can contribute by applying my experience and knowledge while continuing to grow by learning and adapting to fit the dynamic environment.