Richard Duggan

Management, Sales & Customer Service, and Administrative in Burlington, Ontario, Canada

I’m a passionate, enthusiastic, personable, target-driven person who enjoys working in management, sales, marketing and administrativepositions for the past 15 years in industries like Consumer Goods & Services, Finance, Automotive, Telecommunications, IT and Non-Profit. I’ve got Accounting background where I have learned the ability of understanding of how the backend of a business works, how important the numbers are to an organization and how they work together to the success of the organization.

I have gained a wealth of learning experience from working in different environments, industries, and cultures with success would be helpful in the right organization. Here’s what I bring to these roles:


I've successfully coached and mentored staff to meet set goals and increase productivity, resulting in financial success for the organization. This has led to winning awards for personal sales achievement and sale achievement as a location on multiple times over a 5-year span. Understands the value and importance of monitoring your inventory levels for achieving success. Always looking for ways to make things better for the overall success of the business.

Sales Roles

Sales are first about building that strong relationship with customers and creating solutions to problems that keep them loyal. Strong believe in communication can be the foundation of successful sales deals. Winning awards for hitting personal sales achievement two years in a row by using this simple sales process. Always looking for ways to become better to be as profitable as possible.

Marketing Roles

Over the last 10 years, where I have taken a hobby interest in digital marketing to a serious interest in this industry. I learned the basics of marketing from my classes at Niagara College with traditional marketing to teaching other about a different way to use Digital Media with the traditional marketing plan. Used different digital media properties like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, WordPress, Tumbler for both personal and professionally. Always looking for ways to learn more and other different platforms and become more skilled.


Have demonstrated over my career a great ability to communicate across different levels of different organizations to get things done paying attention to detail and planning for different scenarios (good and bad).

  • Education
    • Niagara College