Richard Thomas

Writer, bogger, and Author in Swansea, United Kingdom

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Richard Thomas is a non-fiction writer of books, magazine articles and newspaper columns. He has appeared as a guest on Coast To Coast AM, Talk Radio Europe, and various internet radio shows.

Richard has written articles on a wide range of topics for South Wales Evening Post, Swansea Life, Alien Worlds, UFO Matrix, Mindscape, Paranormal Magazine and many other publications. He has also been a blogger for UFOMystic and Cryptomundo. Currently he is a contributing writer to Neon Nettle; the music, entertainment and alternative news website.

The writer's interest in UFOs and the unexplained began when he was a teenager and he saw a silvery white cigar-shaped object which he couldn't explain, moving irregularly in the sky, above the Mumbles Road, Swansea in his native country of Wales. After graduating from Swansea University in 2007 with a BA (Hons) degree in American Studies, Richard joined Binnall of America (BoA), a website and paranormal think tank that features both a weekly audio programme and regular columns from a talented staff of writers. Dubbed the “UK correspondent” Richard would help by writing questions for the guests on Tim Binnall's podcast BoA: Audio.

In 2008 Richard began writing his bi-weekly column "Room 101" for BoA. These columns reflected the writers wide ranging interests in alternative subjects; including UFOs, ghosts, conspiracy theories and Cryptozoology. His contributions to BoA also included text interviews with leading authors in these alternative fields, including Jim Marrs, Timothy Good, Nick Redfern and Nick Pope. A lifelong science fiction fan, not long after he started writing his BoA columns, Richard had the chance to write a Sci-Fi/TV related column called “Sci-Fi Worlds” for Stuart Miller's Alien Worlds magazine.

However, the published author's writing experience goes far beyond just writing about alternative fields and science fiction. From 2011 to 2013 Richard wrote a weekly column entitled “Days Out” for his local newspaper the South Wales Evening Post. While there he also had the opportunity to work on this newspaper's news desk.

When he isn't busy writing, Richard enjoys volunteering at The Egypt Centre at Swansea University where he is a Gallery Assistant and the Volunteer Marketing Officer.

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