Rick Grago

Consultant and Voice Over Artist in Florida

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“Rick is a talented go-getter, always adding value. Throughout our lasting work relationship, Rick has brought professionalism, creativity, and optimism. Looking forward to continuing on a path of success with this stellar individual. A true team player! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

– Antoine from about.me

I'm just a guy with an idea who took a crummy product and turned it into a cool device that's a whole lot easier to use. It's an idea that is designed to change the conversation ...and whose mission is to bring people together. We call it the Smart iReach. After my foray into consumer tech, I sold my interest in the company to my partner and went onto voiceover work!

Previously, as the Co-Founder & Managing Partner of SmarTech Products LLC, I helped design and launch our flagship product, the Smart iReach. It had been heralded as a "Best in Class" design in our product category.

Ever since our launch in Hollywood, CA during Oscars Week 2015, celebs of all kinds have used and fallen in love with the unique design elements that made our product a bestseller: from Kevin Hart to the cast of Empire; from Sofia Vergara to Gina Rodriguez of Jane The Virgin; we are so excited for the warm reception that Hollywood ...and the world... continued to give our product. We are proud that our brand truly represented bringing people together: family, fun, laughs with friends and the like. We can't ignore the selfie aspect of the product category we find ourselves in...but what we stood for is part of what sets our brand apart from so many other cheap alternatives.

Now I'm a business consultant for startups, and a narrator/voiceover artist who had a great ride with Umano for nearly a year. I am avidly looking for voice over opportunities on a forum like Umano that provides the narration of interesting articles. I would also welcome other voice-over work for commercials, audiobooks, and other cool projects. I can be reached at hyyield63@me.com

I also do some writing for Medium.com as well, in an ongoing effort to get better and hone my skills as a writer. My articles vary, but many fall into the category of Entrepreneurialism, Life Lessons, and some other interests.

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