Rick Sams

Olathe, Ks

Missionary brat. Third culture kid. World mutt. Artist whose primary medium is himself. Graphic designer. Photographer. Black belt in jujitsu. Amateur gym aficionado. Lover of mountains, tall evergreens, and hidden, alpine lakes. Writer. Blogger. Reader. Scifi geek. (Will talk to you WAY too long about Herbert or Asimov.) Fascinated by philosophy. Captivated by architecture. (Think Frank Lloyd Wright was almost as amazing as he thought he was.) Avid fan of Chipotle, candy corn, and bacon. Aspiring foodie. (There's an asian fusion restaurant in Quito, Ecuador that still serves my Pad Thai recipe.) Crappy brother, son, and friend ... but I keep trying. Youth ministry volunteer. Champion of real, inconvenient, messy community. Mindless believer in grace and mercy. (Grateful recipient of same.) Utterly hopeless gospel addict. Really bad sinner.