Rita Costa

Web Designer, Student, and Web Developer in Portugal

Hi, my name is Rita and I'm Web Designer/Graphic Designer/Web Developer.

I've been around since 2009, doing Web Development. First as a Joomla Developer, creating full websites from scratch, plugins and templates.

Then moved on to custom PHP websites, using PHP and MySQL to create dynamic websites.

Now a days I'm working as Wordpress Developer, working on several Wordpress websites at the time, some that I've built from scratch, some that I manage and promote.

I can proudly say that on my short career I already had the chance to work on several international projects, improving my developing and design skills.

In 2016

I worked at a digital music magazine called "Revista Kizomba" where I managed all the content on the Facebook page and website, as well as it's marketing and design aspects.

Sponsors requests, such as graphic design jobs, website rebuilding/updating.

Then one of the last project sponsor grabbed me and I ended up mananging the content for the Miss CPLP contest and website.

In 2017

This has been a great year so far, my phone keeps ringing, and I keep working, meeting great people and getting great projects to do. Such as the Vilaça Corp Power and Controls website.

I want to thank the Vilaça Corp Power and Controls for the opportunity I'm having to collab with you, and all your partners.

Thank you for trusting my work and introducing me to a new platform, new people and new projects.

It has been an amazing experience to work with you.

Currently I'm a Computer Science student, looking forward to expand my portfolio and hopefully keep developing for the next few years, if you have any idea or question, use the "hire me" button and talk to me.


Rita Costa

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