Ricardo Nunes Vargas

Screenwriter, Filmmaker, and Director in São Paulo, Brasil

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I’ve lived the entertainment experience since 1995 that started when I travelled around Northeast in Brazil with a theater group playing piano and from that moment on, many histories have crossed it. I am a TV professional who has always flirted with the cinema going through music and theatre.

Therefore I see my way of working in a different light because for me the content is a big mixture of several values which I translate for the audiovisual language. It’s my concern to bring in to my workplace all the immersive potential that is necessary when telling a good story.

Nowadays this is becoming more and more multiple: installations, projections, mappings, stagings, lights, sounds, smells, multiplatforms, multiple screens on different displays, internet and so on. After all the storytelling goes along with the innovation, the capacity of bringing something that can potentialize what we are telling, the plot point, reach the target and the audience’s enchantment.

I consider myself a creative person with good abilities at writing and I can look several processes that involve the audiovisual production. I'm a screenwriter who has learned techniques of direction, production, photography, shooting, audio capturing, editing and executive production. Tasks learned for need or pure curiosity, nevertheless they have brought me today to a multidisciplinary professional level. Skills do not lack me for making films or videos, I take in all the stages of project development and believe that they enable me to write well focused on the interest in the final product.

Experience, knowledge on dynamic environment without forgetting the artistic creativity. Currently I've been working as a freelancer for special challenging projects that could have short, medium or longduration.

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