Rob Hanna


My 20+ year professional expertise is guaranteeing positive social impacts above current baseline results. If you're cranky, impatient and mildly arrogant for achieving a better world, then you're my tribe. I always make time for people with passions for improving the lives of many others and, as an architect and catalyst of social innovations, I’ll happily share all I know to help your progress--wherever you are. Just schedule a free 30 minute call, or Skype at “socialwealth”, with me here.

I've succeeded with others on many ambitions for the greater good at every scale of shared community gains--such as the desired, high-performing successes that government officials, philanthropists, NGO leaders, corporate social responsibility directors, impact investors and social entrepreneurs greatly desire and set out to accomplish... and yet seldom get.

I call this work building Social Wealth. I believe we all can do it, and do it better together... Our work begins with designing and implementing open operating frameworks aligned with outcomes and then introducing proven innovation tools others can quickly adopt to improve and distribute baseline results that matter most. Let's get it done!

Whenever we end up working together I promise we'll have fun improving the baselines that matter most--all backed by my results warranty and award winning skills in creating and scaling public private collaborations. I'm also an international speaker on social innovation, entrepreneurship and impact investing and very much enjoy guiding others to cultivate the key capacities and readiness needed to scale social impact successes anywhere and everywhere. Details about my credentials and references are on my LinkedIn profile here.

Schedule that free call and let's talk soon...what are you waiting for?

Ad mundum meliorem!

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