Robin Meadows

Independent Science Journalist in California

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I'm an independent science journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area, covering water and climate resilience in the American West, and all things biology from biomechanics to behavior.

My work, which has won awards, has appeared in Audubon, Bay Area Monitor, Bay Nature, Cancer Commons, Conservation, Estuary News, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, High Country News, Muse, Nature, PLOS Biology, PLOS Research News, Smithsonian Zoogoer, Water Deeply and others.

In 2014, I received a Water Reporting Fellowship from the Bay Area Monitor, which covers the 9-county San Francisco Bay Area. And now I'm the Monitor's water reporter.

I have graduate degrees in biology and in science communication, and love hiking, photography, and visiting our amazing national parks and seashores (31 so far - here I am in Canyonlands NP, overlooking the confluence of the Colorado and Green rivers).

You can reach me here.

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