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Self Synopsis: Jack of all humor, mediocre musician, aspiring artist, surrealist, potential photographer, lyricist, filmmaking hobbyist, Numerology Life Path # is the Master Number 11, eye <3 mammals, freedom fighter, withdrawn-wine-enthusiast, cosmic conscious advocator, history gumshoe, daydream catcher. freelancelot, vinyl collector, truth seeker, proficient button pusher, loose leaf tea drinker, nonfictional bookworm, DIY dabbler, Human conveyor belt of ideas, creative connoisseur.

-... . / ... ..- .-. . / - --- / -.. .-. .. -. -.- / -.-- --- ..- .-. / --- ...- .- .-.. - .. -. .

Personality type: INFJ.
Yes, that's me in the Robot Costume in my background pic!... and all the pics for that matter.

I have a saddlebag of songs scattered about the entanglements of cyberspace, some are on YouTube and some are on ReverbNation (links below).

If you are a filmmaker or animator and looking for a song to make a short film to check out my song "Through the Hailstorm" here:

Current obsessions... Bossa Nova, Stanley Kubrick films (for the duel narratives), Jules Verne novels, Submarines, Yachts, Robots, Archaelogy, Shipping Container homes, researching my Genealogy...

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    • Founder of Sub-Rock Music