Rolando Escalona


Latino, friendly, curious, proactive, caring and talkative are the main adjectives that describes him. He currently lives in Venezuela, seeking other countries for new experience and new challenges for life.

Starting his 20s, Rolando has traveled around Europe and America, where he's expanded his knowledge about their culture and world affairs, making him travel to Peru in Summer of 2013 as a volunteer from AIESEC in order to help new generations develop their own ideas for ecology.

He studied System Analysis in UCLA (Venezuela) and graduated in June of 2015, he's into system analysis & design and mobile technology, however he's shown to also enjoy and work with programming and databases, specially web development. He's currently developing his own project as entrepreneur with a team where his main objective is to positively impact in his country and the world itself.

Rolando considers himself someone who is truly given to people and help them grow no matter what, as a communicative person, he loves good conversations about new topics where he can improve his knowledge on everything. He enjoys photography as one of his favorites hobbies, including traveling, dancing to Latin rhythms and swimming.

  • Work
    • AIESEC
  • Education
    • System Analysis at UCLA (Venezuela)