Roozbeh Razavi

IT Author, Doctor, and Web Developer in Rasht, Iran

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Birth : 4th May 1994, Rasht, Iran

High school : Mirza Koochak Khan (NODET) (2008-2012)

University : Doctor of Medicine at Guilan University of Medical Sciences - International Branch (GUMS-IB)(2013-2020)

First computer experience : at 6 (2000)

Currently (links at the bottom of the page):

IT Author at

Webmaster at IVAO Iran Division

ATC Operations Coordinator at IVAO Iran Division

In the past:

2002-2005 Some weblogs

2005-2009 Author of Danlod Software Team

2005-2009 Moderator of Danlod Software Team Forum

2006-2008 Admin of GMobile website

2008-2010 Admin of Sampadia Warez website

2008-2010 Moderator of Iranuon Forum

2008-2010 Admin of ParsZone Forum

2008-2012 Author and Editor of Medriss Online Magazine

2009-2010 Web designer of the 8th exhibition of Jelvehaye Sampad, Rasht

2010-2013 IT Author of Nodiran Online Magazine

2011-2012 Webmaster of Marlik Caspian NGO

2011-2014 Flight Operations Coordinator of Iran Aseman Virtual Airlines

2012-2014 IT Author of Negahbaan

2012-2014 Webmaster of Qeshm Virtual Airlines

2013-2014 IT Author of Gooya IT Online Magazine

2013-2015 Chief Executive Officer of

2013-2015 Events Coordinator of IVAO Iran Division

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