Rosario De Medici

Engineer and Architect in Brooklyn, New York

I like to consider myself as a conscious human being who lives by the 4 L's - Living, Loving, Learning, and Leaving a Legacy. My passion is to design, develop, and deploy 'green' initiatives serving as strategically engineered solutions that provides environmental, economical, social, and cultural sustainability to countries, particularly island nations that are remote and most vulnerable to the effects of global climate change.

I live by the samurai moral code which stresses frugality, loyalty, martial arts mastery, and honor unto death. My advice is to give no advice. Rather let each man cultivate that quality of integrity that renders us as gods rather than mere mortals.

Forging strategic alliances with key people and groups are critically essential to success for me. It is the human capital - the workers - that are the key assets behind every successful company, without which failure and bankruptcy would be inevitable. Technology fascinates me. So I am always eager to discover the latest technologies in the making and on the market.

I see genuine 'socially conscious' human beings armed with true sustainable technologies as the arbiters of cutting edge solutions to meet the challenges of global climate change, world hunger, world disease, and world poverty. Thus my cry to the world is, "Light Workers of the world unite!" While those of us create the opposites in the world, there are those of us who seek to balance those opposites, and in so doing, create some level of equilibrium, expressing itself on one level, as chaos, and at another, as a unified field. "Luci ed ombre sono simili a me, dicono Dio."

Contact me for a leading role in your project and/or collaboration on systems engineering designs, vertical farm projects, feasibility studies, marketing and business plans, and business development projects.