Ruandre Janse Van Rensburg

Web Developer and Designer in Cape Town, South Africa

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Hey there,

I'm a passionate web wizard with a penchant for clean, maintainable code. My focus used to be on crafting solid WordPress themes and HTML emails, but these days I find myself dipping into many other things such as developing Node.js powered web applications, using AWS cloud hosting services, web animations, and so much more.

I'm perpetually teetering between the creative and the technical - I have a background in 3D and Game Development, and excel at solving both creative and logical/technical problems. I enjoy learning new things and finding elegant solutions to interesting problems.

When not tinkering on the web, you may find me outside taking photos, waxing lyrical about my favorite music, or playing the occasional video game.

Check out the links below to learn more about me, then get in touch so I can learn more about you!

Thanks for stopping by :)