Rudra Ghosh

Artist, Software Engineer, and Designer in Kolkata, India

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Rudra Ghosh is the founder of REFINED DIGITAL GROUP .He is a Trance / EDM producer from India.He is also a DJ,Music Arranger and Sound designer. He started his career as a Music director,Arranger,Sound designer.From his childhood he was taught Keyboard and Basic Principal of Indian Music.Primarily he learned to play Harmonium.He can also play Eisraaz which is an ancient Indian instrument.

FIMALY: Father: Mrinmoy Kumar Mother: Bandana Ghosh.

EDUCATION: In the year2005 He completed his Primary schooling from Uttar Para Model School.Later he completed Higher Secondary Education(Pure Science) from Bally Jora Ashwatthatala Vidyalaya. In the Year 2007 he was admitted to GNIT for B-Tech Engineering. In the Year 2009 he was admitted an extra collage "H.Pal collage" for Studying Computer Engineering. On that time he started learning DJ ing and Sound Designing.

Besides his General Education and Audio Education he is also a Diploma holder in Computer Graphics.He was admitted MAAC for Visual Effects and then went Frame Box for advance study in Computer Graphics and Multimedia.He also can do Visual effects,Video editing and Post production for both audio & Video.Right now he is the founder of RDGAudio. Where he designs Sound samples,NI Kontakt Instruments & Teaches people How to make Music.

FOUNDER: He is the founder of Refined Digital Group (RDGAudio).

CAREER: Rudra Ghosh started his career as a Musician,Artist,Music Arranger and Remixer. During his College life he was inspired by a Senior of his college.In his college there was another friend who also inspired him to Make Music in 'DAW' Digital Audio Workstation. He learned every Digital Audio Workstation. Audio Editing and Post Audio production Works. He is a DJ of a Radio Station.

SPECIAL PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE: Computer Hardware, Audio Amplifier circuit designing,Software Synthesizer programming using Synth Edit.DSP Technology. C,C++,Java,VB.Max Scripting,Python.

WORK: FM VO Artist,Djing,Bollywood Film Songs & Remixes 2009,2010,2011,2014,2015,Close Up Advertisements ,Hero Honda and Tata Docomo Commercial Ads.

AWARD: Futurex Music.Award;YMC Grand Award, BMSC Award.Best Sound Designing award.Best Music arranging award in 2014.Best Audio Editing award from Mux Music in 2015.

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