Rushendra Rustam

Mulhouse, Haut-Rhin, France

My name is Rushendra Rustam. You can call me with Hendra. Now, I'm student in Department of Electrical Engineering (DEE), Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (UI). I just started my Doctoral Program since September 2010 and following a program that called "Scholarship of France and Indonesian - Doctoral Double Degree Program".

Since 1996, Rushendra is worked in several companies (banking, world expedition, health care, provider content mobile, etc) as a network administrator, programmer, analyst system and system integrator.

On 2004, Rushendra is worked as a Lecturer Informatics in several university, academic and college informatics in Jakarta, West Java and Banten. The focus of the teached programming (java, php, delphi, visual basic, dot net, asp, c++,etc), manajemen informatics, mathematics, design application, etc.

Recently as a Head of Department Management Informatics and as a Head of Deparment Research and Community Service in AMIK Wahana Mandiri, Tangerang Selatan.

In France, I chose to continue my study at the Universite de Haute Alsace (UHA) and the research will be conducted in the Laboratoiry MIPS (Modélisation, Intelligence, Processus et Systèmes). Since 2011 until now, I stay in France (exactly in Mulhouse city) for working and research.

My interested research about Intelligent Transportation System, Context-Aware Embedded System, Wireless Communication, Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network, Optimisation Network Simulation with NS-3 and Software Engineering.

My Contact >> Tel : +33 389 33 69 60 / Email : rushendra.rustam[AT]