Ryan Green

Newport Beach, CA

Ryan Green is an experienced healthcare marketing and advertising professional driven by the belief that improving even one life through effective communications, applications, and interactions with brands can have far-reaching implications for the brand. This belief is born from his extensive experience managing branding, product launch, and multiple lead generation and integrated marketing campaigns that use the latest best practices in social media and online marketing to grow revenue and market share. His experience covers a broad range of healthcare marketing and advertising, from psychiatric care and traumatic brain injury to infectious disease, ophthalmology, life sciences, physical medicine and rehabilitation.

A major component of Ryan’s success is based on his proactive, hands-on approach, from beginning research to strategy development through creative production and optimization based on analytics. He has a strong understanding of how to guide brands through the strategic, creative, and digital media landscape, and prides himself on innovative thinking and a passion for exceeding sales and marketing objectives.

In Ryan's off time, he likes to train for and participate in triathlon, adventure racing and other endurance sports, with his most recent accomplishment finishing Ironman St. George this past May.