Ryan Hunt

I wrote my first program on my Commodore 64 when I was nine years old. Back then it was all about how to do cool things with the computer. Copying code snippets from WizKids, BASIC and BYTE magazines. Calling up BBSs using my 110 baud modem and later my top of the line 300 baud modem. When 1200 baud came out the future had arrived.

Now the things that can be done with computers are beyond cool and stretch into the realms of the science fiction magazines I read as a kid. The power of information that is given to each and every person with an Internet connection creates so many future possibilities even String Theory may have a hard time explaining them all.

The latest talk is all about Cloud Computing and the technologies that will power it. Perl, PHP, Ruby. Apple? Linux? Microsoft?

The Cloud is on the move.

Mobile computing is no longer a niche market, but THE market. Desktop computing has been sidelined, and is rapidly going the way of the dinosaur. The information proliferation propagated by the tsunami of mobile computing devices has the potential to cripple those who are not prepared for the data deluge.

Questions arrise.

The answers are many.

The future is one.

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