Ryan Caldarone

Copywriter and Marketer in Rhode Island

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I’m a box reader.

That habit first started over a cereal bowl grew to included just about any printed material I could get my hands on.

Routine trips to the salon with my mother made me appreciate how much of an affect brands like Paul Mitchell had on the business— not just the flashy walls of uniform product and capes, but the education and training that went along with it.

The focal point engaging brands had on these businesses were like glue that inspired trust with customers, and enabled workers to forge rich bonds that kept clients coming back for more.

From magazines, consumables, packaged goods, tools, and even the glamorous world of high-end automobiles I observed people liked talking about (and doing business with) companies that thought like they did.

Pop culture does the same with music, movies, literature and pretty much every other medium.

Today almost any interaction a brand has online from ads to organic posts provide threaded comments.

Reading through these en masse with an analytical eye can give you a lot of insight to what people find important.

We’re nostalgic and loyal by nature. The emotional reaction we forge with “content” is visceral and won’t ever change.

That’s why creative communication that’s contextual and delivers value will perform well across any platform.

As a copywriter I work with different types of people, organizations, and workflow styles. Being able to communicate well and translate raw thought or intent (even on complex topics) results in captivating copy.

Helped in part by the thinking tools I developed studying comparative literature, the process of analyzing emotional and social reactions to published works can be applied to marketing.

I’ve found this is exceptionally true when marketing strategy is build on prioritizing business goals, rather than satisfying industry accolades.

My marketing philosophy is simple: place the value for the reader/viewer/listener above all else.

I have strong entrepreneurial tendencies which I embrace, but my primary interest is in content, culture, and the connection that we develop with the brands that we follow.

People taking ownership and allowing brands to represent who they are fascinates me.

My desire is to become an integral part of that process, helping my clients succeed at the same time.

I’m purpose driven, have a penchant for experimentation, and a bias toward action.

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    • b.a. English Literature
    • a.a. Humanities