Ryan Goodman

Writer and Public Speaker in Helena, Montana

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Ryan Goodman lives in Helena, Montana, and grew up on a family cattle ranch in Arkansas. He has spent several years working in cow/calf, stocker and feeder operations in the Southern, Southeastern and Northern Rocky Mountain regions.

Ryan is a proud Animal Science graduate of Oklahoma State University and has completed graduate level research at the University of Tennessee, focusing on beef cattle reproduction and nutrition.

He is passionate about agriculture advocacy, sharing the work of farmers and ranchers with consumers who are interested in where their food comes from and encouraging agriculturalists to join those conversations.

Aside from agriculture advocacy, Ryan is an avid trail runner, having accomplished the half marathon distance in 2015, three marathons in 2016, and now training for the ultramarathon distance. Ryan enjoys refueling with a good steak and strongly believes in beef as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Ryan writes at AgricultureProud.com.

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