Ryan Off

I work full time for Ojai Oil Company and Director of Technology and Business Analysis and on the side as CEO of my travel tech company Kumutu.com.

This involves developing and managing internal projects, going to entrepreneur events, giving talks at conferences and schools, and avoiding using swear-words in my twitter tweets. I’m a balanced type of person - equally comfortable with defining business strategy, designing, writing code and cooking.

I’m half American, half British and live in California. I am a huge fan of most adventure sports including scuba diving, rock climbing, snow boarding, sailing, wakeboarding, sky diving, etc. I tend to travel as I’m curious in new cultures and like to find new places on this planet for adventure.

While, travel, adventure activities, photography, finance and technology keep me excited, I also try to stay busy learning bits of new languages and following astronomy and science journals. I don't get afraid easily, but I can’t seem to get over getting startled by spiders.