Nick Ryan

Communications Advisor | Journalist in United Kingdom

Nick Ryan

Communications Advisor | Journalist in United Kingdom

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I specialise in driving strategic communications – media relations, brand identities, campaigns, digital media strategies, etc – to a wide array of clients.

These have included leading NGOs, law firms, risk management outfits, anti-extremism campaigns and government departments.

I also provide editorial support, in the form of training, editing, and ghosting of blogs, reports and books.


As a journalist for over 24 years, I have specialised in 'longform' reporting for international media such as WIRED, The Guardian, Esquire, The Independent, The Times, BBC and many other outlets.

In 2003 I published a critically-acclaimed exposé of extreme-right movements, worldwide, HOMELAND: Into a World of Hate'.

My work on HOMELAND spawned a BBC ONE TV drama, England Expects, for which I was creative producer.

I have gone on to consult for many other TV/film projects: for example the 2014 BBC documentary on Islamic extremists, 'My Brother The Terrorist' and 2015 BBC production 'Welcome to the Mosque'.

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