Sari Elzweig

New York

Hi, I'm Sari (rhymes with 'Gary'). Here's some info about me!

I graduated from Emerson College in 2013 having majored in marketing and minored in business. (Recently, Emerson was ranked the #5 top U.S school for Marketing by USA Today, so that's pretty cool).

I have interned at Fanscape, a social media marketing firm in LA where I worked on projects for clients such as Game Stop, Mars Incorporated, and Activision. Through this opportunity I was able to work directly under the awesome guy who was running all of Game Stop's social media properties (among other things) and I was able to realize (for sure) that digital marketing was where I wanted to be.

After that, I starting working as the Tech Editor at Def Pen Radio where I was in charge of maintaining the Technology section of the site, which included creating daily content that was Search Engine Optimized. I was also able to live-Tweet tech events, which was pretty fun!

I eventually became the Sales Assistant and Office Manager at Revolution Marketing, which is a broad-based entertainment and event marketing agency. While there, I learned the entire process of producing an event from beginning (brainstorming fun engagement ideas) to end (execution of said fun engagement ideas), as well as other useful business skills such as sales and general office duties. I was also able to use my creative software skills to design media decks and presentations for clients.

At the moment I am consulting with small businesses to help them create digital strategies that fit their business goals.

Lastly, I enjoy video games, comic books, sci-fi, horror movies, slaying dragons, the latest gizmos and gadgets, and romantic (but short) walks to the fridge

  • Work
    • Fanscape
    • Def Pen Radio
    • Revolution Marketing
    • Active Staffing Services
  • Education
    • Major in Marketing and Minor in Business from Emerson College
    • General Assembly: Digital Marketing