Dr. Sean Riley

Chiropractor, Spiritual Teacher, and Life Coach in Newburyport, Massachusetts

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Hello there, I’m Dr. Sean Riley. I’m a Chiropractor living in Newburyport, Massachusetts. I am dedicated to facilitating the best outcomes for people in all areas of life!

I absolutely love to deliver quality care at Precision Chiropractic to my community and do so with empathy, compassion and am especially gifted in listening to what you need.

I also work with a Spiritual Lineage that has brought me such profound joy and transformation - all by assisting me in knowing myself at the deepest level! I have the honor now to facilitate holistic healing with the many tools I have learned over the years while stepping into the higher expression of me!

I love to help people achieve more in life, and this can come in so many ways, but one thing is constant - when we are in service, we can truly know ourselves! Let me be in service to you!