Sabrina Victoria

Sales in Boca Raton, Florida

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I have recently entered an interesting time in my life. Realizing and owning up to all my glorious flaws was a big step. I finally see my power and hear my voice, and with that I have found that true beauty is indeed found in the words and the actions of each individual. - For the first time in my life I feel as if I can make a difference. And intend to.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, I led a fairly sheltered life. As I grew up and had a son I started to look and research into the findings of the world. Trying to fulfill my desire to learn and grasp the concepts of the world and how we all work. I soon found a glorious pull toward religion and an even greater pull toward fitness and health. I dig freely and converse openly with anyone that will listen. I welcome all concepts, all walks of life and willfully find myself among people of like minds. One of my greatest joys is asking a person what they care about or love most. I never ask people what they do for work, because when you ask someone what their passion is, for many it is not their job. Asking someone what their passion is encourages a light and a glow...they speak from the heart with so much warmth. That is what life is about, that is what I want to hear about. My passion is people, fortunately I do work in an environment that allows me to interact constantly with people. Being in the sales industry right out of high school I found I have a passion for people and have used that attribute to the best of my ability up to this point. But my work goes well beyond my dollars earned. I volunteer regularly for the Special Olympics and several homeless shelters. I am constantly looking for ways to encourage those around me to stay healthy and eat right. I am a firm believer of woman's rights and I embrace all women of different cultures, sizes and beliefs. I find myself constantly doing my best to empower and encourage them to follow their dreams. I have a special place in my heart for all women, I see so many that stay quiet and reserved in fear of speaking their mind, when in fact they have so much to share and so much passion to give. I dream of one day creating a place where women can find comfort in speaking, being, and finding their true passion in life. Namaste.