Jennifer Wood

Soil Scientist, Volunteer, and climate advocate in Sacramento, California

Jennifer Wood

Soil Scientist, Volunteer, and climate advocate in Sacramento, California

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Soil scientist and advocate, activist, and organizer for the climate. Wife, daughter, aunt, niece, gardener, cook, and napper.

Next Weeks are Critical For Climate Action - What to Do?

I learned about global warming 30 year ago as a freshman in college . As the evidence for human-caused global warming grew more certain over the years, my drive to advocate for climate action became increasingly urgent. In 2004, I founded a community climate group in Arcata, CA. In the following years, I campaigned for California's AB32, studied national climate policy, and traveled to Washington D.C. for marches and conferences. On one D.C. trip, I heard James Hansen speak - a NASA climate scientist who recommended the non-partisan/bi-partisan Citizens Climate Lobby,

After I moved to Sacramento in 2013, I helped found the Sacramento chapter of CCL and later became a volunteer CA state coordinator.

Since 2002, I have also volunteered for Democrats in every federal election cycle, in support of the only major party demonstrably committed to climate action.

While I still love and appreciate the carbon fee and dividend policy mechanism advocated for by CCL, I now support the most effective and equitable federal climate policy that can get passed.

Sadly, bold federal climate legislation cannot get passed on a bipartisan basis. Our best chance in the coming weeks is to pass meaningful climate legislation through the budget reconciliation process, requiring only 51 votes in the Senate.

The choice that the U.S. makes in the coming weeks is a crossroad for humanity. Will we bring meaningful commitments to the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow this fall? Or will we lead the world down a path guaranteed to cause more suffering and destruction for those that can least afford it?

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