Safir Boukhalfa

Hello everybody!

I'm a French young man, whose aim in life is learning the most.

As a student, I was passionate with languages and fashion.

As a grown-up, languages give me opportunities to discover new cultures and new people, while fashion offers me this unique way of approaching things.

After a year abroad in Spain, I came back to Paris to extend my abilities in both Marketingand Communications, working with companies as Le New Black and Etudes Studio. More than experiences, those jobs led me to do whatever was possible to follow my path, and start a career in this area.

After having mastered both Englishand Spanish, I'm now willing to learn Germanso I can discover this culturally rich and historical country by learning from Germans themselves.

Feel free to visit my networks or contact me, so you can have a better idea of who I am and tend to be.