bin ahmad safian

Web Developer, Consultant, and Project Manager in Muar, Malaysia

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me, just an ordinary guy from mars. ☺ i love my wife who came from venus.
my 1st boy, ammar-daniel follow by 2 girls, auni qaisara, auni humaira and latest boy ammar-firnaas born in this world called earth.

we are alien! tih tih tih

1979 – Born

1987 – Experiencing a machine called Personal Computer, and it came with green monitor (remember Matrix?)

1992 – My first experience with SLR

1997 – Joined Kelab Fotokreatif UTM

1999 – Graphic Artist

2000 – Animator
2001 – Product Designer

2002 – Do customer service in a bank

2008 – I am still a photographer

2009 – Do online stuffs with internet base company

2010 – Left Kuala Lumpur, infantrate Muar

2011 – Together with Wanjoha and Dino, formed officially

2012 – Together with my lovely wife, Ayu and my good friend, Farah doing rabbitry

2013 – Growing Eco Idea Niaga on IT Consultation
2017 – Present

  • Work
    • Atasi Management & Consultancy