Samer El Gharib

Founder & CEO in the United Kingdom

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Samer El Gharib is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for large-scale social change. He is the founder and CEO of Slighter, a smart device equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that learns your smoking habit and assists in reducing smoking. Samer’s invention was featured in “The Next Web”, “BBC”, “Daily Mail” and won Harvard Business Week award, Big Booster and UK Lebanon Tech Hub competitions. Currently, Samer and his team are fully engaged in delivering the device to the market within a very short timeframe.

The combination of creative and business-oriented mind that brought the success of his current endeavour comes from Samer’s diverse background in the media industry as an acclaimed actor, a general manager of three TV stations and Head of promotions department. Samer started acting and became a TV anchor at a very young age, progressively transferring his passion in acting into playing a leading role within the top management team of the TV station. He was appointed General Manager in charge of conceptualizing and bringing to life three TV stations from scratch. During this period of time, Samer got an extensive experience in building and managing teams, creating business plans and transforming business concepts into successfully operating ventures.

Acting is both a career and passion for Samer, being constantly on the go and engaged in a conversation is his lifestyle. Having tried himself in various aspects of the media industry, he decided to become an entrepreneur, write his own script and produce his own story: Samer now plays a role of a PR leader and CEO of Slighter.

Samer believes that AI will help humans to evolve in an efficient way by changing habits and saving time. The AI technology lies at the core of Slighter algorithm that is aimed to change millions of people’s lives for better.

Samer holds a BA degree in communication arts from the Lebanese University, he attended a course in Strategic thinking and Performance Management at the George Washington University (GWU) in the USA, followed by six months intensive course in entrepreneurship at the University College of London (UCL) in the United Kingdom.