Sam Solakyan

Los Angeles

Starting out from humble beginnings, Sam Solakyan is the true definition of the American dream. A first generation American, Sam’s parents made the decision to emigrate from Armenia in 1984 to make a new life in the bright, bustling animal that is Los Angeles. Raised by two musicians, the encouragement needed to chase after his dreams was never in question, but it was by no means an easy road. While his parents worked arduous hours to support their family, Sam too put his young foot forward. At a very early age, he not only worked tirelessly helping his mother at home but also cleaned the stock room of a local grocery store and spent time as a door to door salesman, saving money whenever he could. Sam eventually used his savings to purchase his first investment: a pager kiosk at a nearby mall. He was just fourteen. Pushing on with his entrepreneurial spirit, Sam worked constantly, and by the time he began his undergraduate degree he was able to pay his full tuition in cash.
While studying Business Management full time, he continued to forge ahead on his career path, beginning work with a radiology company, which opened the door into the field that would shape his future (and that of many others) in the years to come. Captivated by the marvels of medical technology and its endless potential, Sam began his own firm, paving the way for the birth of Global Holdings, Inc. in 2003. Pushing his enterprise to its highest potential, Sam soon formed four other major medical companies: Global Pharmaceuticals, Paramount Management Services, Vital Medical Services, and Vital Imaging.
In the midst of grueling work hours and the ever heightening success, Sam has kept up pursuit of another lifelong passion: using his success for bettering the lives of others. Through generous contributions to local organizations such as Glendale Healthy Kids and Serve the people he has helped bring free and reduced cost healthcare to children without insurance and aided in the distribution of food, school supplies and other necessities to the homeless. Sam has given support to provide desperately needed aid to impoverished youth through the Filipino Children’s Foundation and is an ardent advocate of Project Child Save, a vital operation which undertakes the location and rescue of children that have been forced into sexual slavery. For his vocal support and continuing contributions, Sam has been commended by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

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