Samir Saliby

Beirut, Lebanon

I studied Management Information System bin AUST Ashrafieh and then continued education with MCSE certificates at Formatech.2005 - Managed my own computer internet shop for 1 year and then moved to work in a school (Ataya New School) in which I built the whole IT system and started teaching computer literacy and physical education for all age groups. 2008 - Started my mountain activities by exploring high lands and getting accustomed to the weather and nature. I've met many inspirational mountain athletes and learnt a lot (keeping in mind that I was a scout till the age of 21).2009 - Started a group for high mountain activities and sports under the name of "Wolves of Lebanon". I've led people from different age groups into the hardest trails in Lebanon. Young students enjoyed and studied some survival techniques provided by professionals lebanese.2011 - Started studying "Personal Fitness Training" and continued with 4 more courses; sports medicine, Special Population Exercise Management, Sports Conditioning.2012 - Joined the Lebanese Association for Sports Injury Prevention (LASIP)2014 - I participated in EMS and was assigned to be the security officer in my team.2014 - Selected as a trainer for the EMS program by UNWHO.2015 - shifted my career from the technology field to the physical education and training career

  • Work
    • Genesis Club, Verdun
  • Education
    • American University of Science and Technology
    • IFPA - International Fitness Professionals Association
    • World calisthenics organization