Sandhya Iyer

Recruiter, Artist, and Mother in Chicago, Illinois

Sandhya started her career in recruitment in Singapore. She then gained expertise in executive search in Chennai, India. She moved to Chicago recently and entered the world of IT staffing through TransTech. One thing that makes her a success in all 3 models of recruitment is her passion. She loves to make a tangible difference in the lives of her clients and candidates and to surpass the expectations of the people she works with on a daily basis.

She revels in the fact that she can directly contribute in a meaningful way to a company’s success while shaping the careers and lives of the most talented people in the industry.

Her three year old is her world and joins in everything she does – they love painting, cinema, dreadful pop music and dancing to dreadful pop music, traveling, shopping and adventure. She is equally content curling up with a good book.