sandile nzuza

sandile nzuza

Sandile Nzuza is a young Johannesburg based artist currently completing a BA degree in Graphic Design. He also holds a National Diploma in Fine Art from the University of Johannesburg. From his first year in varsity Sandile’s creative ability and technical genius has been apparent making him stand out from the crowd.

Sandile's current work revolves around the theme of 'Revisiting my childhood' , which explores the world of a boy growing up in post-apartheid South Africa with little

opportunity and with only the means to express creativity through inanimate objects generally found on the street and in the dustbin. In his own words, Sandile was quoted saying that Within my work I attempt to revisit my childhood and portray some of the activities I used to indulge in as a child. While growing my mother could not afford to buy me manufactured toys and therefore my friends and I had to walk around our neighbourhood collecting empty containers which we used to make our own toys.

There is a strong tradition of this in young artists throughout Africa, driven by a creative need to express themselves and document their surroundings but without the traditional artistic tools available to them they sought their "paint and brushes" in the rubbish dumps and streets that surrounded them.

In little time, Sandile has started flourishing and has been collected by many powerful local collectors. Sandile has also been noticed by various curators and galleries in New york and Italy.

Sandile recently won the Ekurhuleni Prize in the prestigious long standing Thami Mnyele Fine Art competition in Johannesburg and was also featured in the South African Art Times. Sandile continues to create and study in South Africa and as well as exhibiting locally and has begun to show at fairs and exhibitions in Europe.

In this regard it is truly only a matter of time before the world sees the value in thisyoung artist s work and he becomes an internationally acclaimed artist.

I enjoy taking a piece of undignified material and giving it a sense of dignity andvisual appeal, it’s something I've been practicing since I was a child.