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Fancy Living a Beautiful Life?
I would love to help.

Hi there, I’m Sandra Fadayel, and I’m so excited to share ‘SandiStyles’ with you : a place where I create beautiful art and patterns to help make your Life beautiful.

What Beautiful means to me
Beautiful is beyond skin deep. Beautiful is sensual and raw. Beautiful is unique and timeless.
And beautiful is always crafted with care and passion.

I create art and pattern because I believe that it has the power to change a space
And a space directly effects the people in it.
I’m an interior architect and artist. I trained at Bath University,UK, Pratt Institute in New York, and I’ve worked at some of the leading names in the design world, internationally, in wonderful places like Bristol, Florence, New York City, Toronto, and Amman.

So, I know a thing or two about making beautiful spaces.

I believe that the magical spark of inspiration is the root of all things beautiful
I have always been intrigued and inspired by cultural variety and global travels, and this is the place where I celebrate all that diversity and share those inspirations with you.

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