Sandra Hamilton

Therapist, Volunteer, and Director in London, United Kingdom

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I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist and DIT practitioner. I have graduated from Edinburgh Napier University and have completed Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in WPF Therapy, London and KCP, Krakow.

I offer longterm psychodynamic psychotherapy and time limited Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy to those who suffer from anxiety, depression and those presenting relationship problems and interpersonal difficulties.

In my work, I aim to help clients understand the connection between presenting symptoms and difficulties in relationships. We focus on identifying a specific pattern of relating that client tend to repetitively follow in life and try to find different ways of coping with difficult relationships.

I am also a director of clinical projects and Chair of Polish Psychologists' Association.

This beautiful, charity organisation comprises psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches, school counsellors all working on voluntary basis. We help children, families, couples, individuals and anyone who is looking for support in difficult times in their lives.

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