Sandra Cooze

Reiki Practitioner, author, and Public Speaker in Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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'The most rewarding journey you can ever embark on is the journey to yourself' (Sandra Cooze)

Hi, my name is Sandra. I am the owner of Serafina Fae, a holistic business in Windsor, Ontario. I am a Reiki Master & Teacher, Author, Holistic Jewelry Designer and aspiring Public Speaker. But aside from all that, I am just a girl with a dream - a dream of making this world a better place.

My journey into spirituality had begun long before I even knew what spirituality really meant. And still to this day I am discovering something new on my journey every single day. Spirituality does not only mean to grow in your being, it also means being stuck and finding a way out of it. Growing through your downfalls. Through my downfalls I have learned so much about myself, about who I was at any given point in my life and who I wanted to become.And today, I want to pass my knowledge on to others and help them on their journey to themselves.

As a spiritual being I am always growing and looking for ways to pass on my knowledge so that other people can benefit from my experience and find their own path. For years I have been working with my Spirit Guides and have taught others how to work with theirs.

Currently, I am in the process of writing my first book 'The Journey to your Self', which is centered around self-discovery, spiritual development and communication with your Spirit Guides.

Beginning January 2018 I will also publish a monthly spiritual article in Sibyl Magazine.

My handmade jewelry has been featured in an episode of Jane the Virgin as well as in this year's (2017) Organic Spa Magazine Valentines Day gift guide.

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Divine Blessings, Sandra

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