Sandra Bryant

event coordinator, Marketer, and Life-Long Student in Atlanta, Georgia

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Hi, I am Sandra...

Growing up in my hometown of Atlanta, GA, I have grown up enthralled by the sports and entertainment industry. Since I was a child, I have participated in sports and creative activities because of the opportunity to freely express myself.

As I matured, I was determined to turn my passion from a hobby to a dream career. As a result, I took the initiative to obtain opportunities to gain experience and exposure. Therefore, I have taken part in various opportunities ranging from volunteering for youth sports organizations to working for a semi-professional team to learn the ins and outs of different areas in the industry. Overall, having these opportunities motivates me to continue to work toward achieving my dream of working in the sport and entertainment industry.

If you are interested in learning more about myself and my passions, please check out my resume above or contact me by the form below.

  • Education
    • Spelman College
    • University of Florida