Sandra Otto

Waiheke Island

As director of O Integration Pty Ltd I draw on a 20-year international career that covers many industries from IT to Art and many roles from product management to yoga. I am grateful to have lived, learned, played and worked in France, Italy, Germany, South Africa, Australia and currently work from New Zealand.

Grounded in the holistic and balanced experience of my own life, I now run a conscious company where I successfully blend business transformation and learning with inspirational concepts and practices. The vision that inspires me is one of a new generation of conscious organisations where 1. people are inspired to grow into their full potential, 2. thus fuelling organisational greatness and sustainable success and 3. uplifting the local and global community.

My business consulting and training services cover areas such as Inspiration & Wellbeing, Global Leadership Skills, Creativity & Innovation, Consciousness & Spirituality in Business, (Pragmatic) Marketing (B2B and B2C), Product & Program Management as well as innovative SAP training programs. In addition I teach yoga and spirituality classes.