sandrine boisjoly


I’m a clean freak, and so far, everyone has survived.

I do not understand the passion that some people have for macaroons. Cupcakes are so much better!

I cannot stand arrogance.

I’m a really poor liar.

During my second year at university, I managed to live with 600 $ for 1 year to pay my clothes, night out, movie theater, gym, etc. (my parents paid my rent, my food and my tuition). At the end, I had 90 $ left.

I spend between 1 and 4 hours per day on food blogs and I never get tired of it.

I cannot live without natural peanut butter. Just c a n n o t. If I’d listened to myself, I would eat five tablespoons per day from the jar.

I think Quebec’s french is a language in itself, not just an accent.

  • Work
    • Community manager
  • Education
    • University degree in communication,