Sandy Tems

Musician, Writer, and Dancer in Johannesburg, South Africa

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Sandy Tems is a rapper | singer | dancer | songwriter with a goal of entertaining; captivating; mesmerizing and educating her audience through music.

Born in a small town in South Africa, Sandy Tems have been involved in a passionate love affair with music from the early age of 8, when she started writing poetry and songs. A few years later she became a solo artist and worship leader at church, and the rest, as they say, it's history.

From her earliest school days she have been writing and performing poetry, which led to her selection for the "Love Life" competitions. After competing at a regional level she went through to the Nationals, where she finished in the top 3 countrywide.

"My music finds its roots in my own life experiences. I have discovered that sometimes life can be harsh, but despite the challenges life itself can inspire one’s faith. My music speaks to the fact that our choices should be inspired, and not simply chosen for us by others."

"Ultimately I want to prove my dedication through taking the music industry to the next level, by applying my talent to every challenge in my life and in the music industry. I continually strive to be the best that I can be, with the purpose of leaving a legacy for future generations."

"It is my firm belief that my passion for music and for people will help to elevate my community,nations and countrywide. My motto is simple: Together we CAN make a difference!"