Sanjee Perera

Consultant, Psychologist, and Problem Solver in Liverpool, United Kingdom

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Research consultant in Identity, Judgement competence, Group processes and Organisational psychology in the Higher Education sector at Scorpion XI. PhD in Identity & Judgement competence in Group processes in conflict.

Chair and Founder of the Athena Project & I-Ethne; Company Director & Trustee at World Friendship, Acting Chair & Chair of TAB at Marjon Student Union.

Current research interests include; Deontology & Judgment competence, Student Recruitment, Orientation, Engagement, Retention, Progression & Attainment in Higher Education, BAME Attainment Gap in HE, Mentoring pedagogies for vulnerable students, and Deontology & oppressive practice in the Church of England.

Quirky obsessive hobbies include Folklore, Fantasy fiction writing, Lepidoptera, Gardening, Painting & Stained glass.