Sanjna Srivatsa

Student and innovator in Maryland

The game of numbers of data inspires me. I have seen and experienced what it can do and want to explore further. Have had the privilege to work on some amazing projects in the past and want to keep innovating and learning.

The future belongs to data and I definitely want to be a part of it. Am a team player and interested to learn more.

Started my journey as a programmer with C and HTML5, and now I'm focused on analytics in the business intelligence space. Strategizing and exploiting data to enhance business decisions is what I would want to do.

My corporate journey:

Tecnotree - Getting my hands dirty with code

This was my first corporate experience with software development and coding and I am very grateful to Tecnotree for taking me when I was on ground zero. It was a hectic couple of weeks, but the amount I learnt during those weeks was tremendous. I played with json, jquery, HTML5, CSS3,ajax. It gave me the push I needed to get me off the ground. A tiny bit of my code even went live on a client project :)

Microsoft India - Student Partner to chapter lead.

My experience with Microsoft has been very enriching. It has helped me grow and contribute so much to the community I feel so strongly about. Girls in Technology. What started off at a workshop with the participation of 2, ended up with a participation of 2000 girls over 12 educational institutions. The journey was long, was hard. At the end of the whole one year experience, I came out technologically agile and strategically stronger.

NASSCOM - Technology in business

Working with a public sector company, after a private company came with a slight culture shock. Fortunately, my manager was a great mentor and made it very easy for me. I was entrusted with responsibilities ranging from business data analysis to project coordination. The exposure was great and taught me more than I could ever learn from a classroom environment. I have had the privilege to interact with top Venture Capitalists and Investors in India.

  • Education
    • University of Maryland, College Park