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Hi! My name is Sanjot Sagarkar. I'm the creator and author of and this is my life...I live in Sirsi, North Canara, Karnataka, India with my loved ones. I did my schooling in Sirsi and graduation in NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte.

The reason I made this site ( for you is because just few years ago I was having a tough time. I had to search a lot in internet for information regarding various technologies, ebooks etc etc. The problem was Google search was not picking the right sites for the information I searched for or the content was not that great. But some how I was getting the information by combining them from various sites or from a single site after a enhanced search and So I decided why not I build a website ( which has information which people usually search and they failed to get that info just like me.

After an enormous search about website, content, traffic, SEO etc etc...I thought of this and started this site named A well desiged website which provides forum with DizzyBook (social networking), mind blowing articles related to technology including Cloud Computing and other related articles, news and more. Do visit regularly for most the updates. In order to get various updates about this site.

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Well, that's a little about me and how I built my website, a very small overview of my website. I'd love to get to know you better too. Keep visiting Send me a friend request there.

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