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There is a need of every person for some person in life. Every life has it's purpose, for which they are living.

But the whole life is dependent upon," How much you have urge to get that thing? Upto which point/situation you can go for it."

In the present scenario Life doesn't mean the quantity but it's the quality. Life is all about experience and what you learnt from the mistakes you have made.

Be far more relaxed to choose your interest. And the field in which you can innovate or you can do better than others.

"Never settle"

The name given by my Grandfather to me is "SANTOSH" or "Satisfaction". But truly speaking, I am really farfetched by satisfaction.

One of the innocent child has taken a first breath on 18th nov, 1995. My family was happy getting a boy infant after four girls (including my cousins) .

Things were right in my life. No tension related to STUDY, only great moments were there.

Finally, I started my study life and after some year got a slogan"Education is the most imporatnt thing in everybodies life, without it , it's hard to survive. As much as you will concentrate on your study the more bright future you will get" and many more. And yaah, Now also I am waiting for that brightness to come after 20 years.

But I started really well and also got good marks. And also on the day of parent's meeting or paper showing before and after i remain happy as it is. Once my mother received my report card and surprisingly she opened it and saw the grade E. All surpriseness changed into tension, questionably my mother asked the teacher that,"my son is so poor in studies that he got grade E?". As teacher replied that the grade E doesn't indicate the poor studies, but E is for excellent. All tension was turned into Happiness.

As I have completed my primary section, and now my secondary section starts. Which was an excitement for every student, because majority of student feel that they are now young enough and also they can take tuff decisions of their life.

One of the biggest mistake I ever made was, I smiled during the lecture of Hindi, And our hindi lecturer saw me and get disturbed due to which he gave me the Green card( There are 3 cards Green = Suspensions, Yellow for 1 week suspension and red for 1 month suspension).

In that whole new secondary batch, the person who got green card first was santosh. this was the discussion of every group.

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