Sanva Motors

Thane , Maharashtra India

Established in the year 2008, Sanva Motors originated as a multi car workshop. But it soon realized its true potential in the field of automobile development and specialized in the same field. Vehicles are modified, restored, redeveloped, redesigned and remodeled at Sanva Motors. The modification of vehicles includes activities like body graphics, engine modifications, upholstery revamp, graphic art of cars and similar other activities.

The first modification done by Sanva Motors included the redevelopment of a Premier Padmini to a sporty car called as the SB1100. Since the development of this car there has been no stopping for Sanva Motors in the field of development and modification of everyday vehicles into unique, innovative, creative and most importantly user friendly cars.

As previously mentioned Sanva Motors has also developed in the field of restoration and remodeling of automobiles. The best example of this is the restoration of the Dukkar Fiat (a classic car) from a scrap vehicle to a user friendly modern car. Another example is the restoration of Morris 8 (a vintage car) to the stature as it was when first manufactured.

Along with activities related to four wheeled automobiles, Sanva Motors also works with development, modification, designing and creation of bodies for LMV’s. The vehicles range from a variety of companies of Piaggio, Tata, Mahindra and so forth.

Finally the development and modification of various SUV vehicles enabling them to be stronger, sturdier and sustainable to every weather condition is also done at Sanva Motors. Majority of the vehicles included in this category include Mahindra Scorpio, Mahindra Thar and so on.

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