Saoirse Rafferty

I'm an 19 year old Irish university student studying journalism. Born in America but lived in Ireland for around 16 years (basically my whole life). I've travelled a bit, seen a lot; but not enough. I love travelling and will be updating all of you on my adventures as I capture them with my new amazing camera. I love music, films, Tv series (Friends, Game of Thrones need I say more??) , fashion, animals (DOGS ESPECIALLY), baking, cooking, writing, poetry, early mornings, late nights, dancing, exercise, lazy days, doing nothing and doing everything. (I'm a complete paradox I KNOW!). Im always up for a good laugh and will try fill all of your worlds with happiness somehow. I write reviews, articles, opinion pieces, rants, poems and speak my crazy mind in my posts. My writing, style and opinions may change like the wind; I'm a changing person in a changing world and just starting out in the journalism field. BUT I PROMISE I am not and will not become one of those boring writers who suck all the fun and life out of the page and the reader! Read on into my blog for random rants and more fun! - Saoirse out (You stay classy Raffertys readers) ツ