sara donaldson

Caithness, Scotland

Editorial Services from the Far North of Scotland.

A creative consultancy for your words.

I love many things - art, history, photography, theatre - and my work as an editor allows me to indulge in my passions while constantly learning new things. I'm also a genealogist, which allows me to doff Sherlock's deerstalker and mutter "elementary my dear Donaldson" as I search for clients' ancestors.

When I'm not working I can be found playing with my camera and spending lots of time in our local community theatre (behind the scenes, they haven't got me on stage yet).

There are lots of things I could tell you, but let's admit it - the relevant stuff just ...

won't fit here.

And the irrelevant stuff is... irrelevant.

Often found reading Wired or Fortean Times, watching SciFi

or playing on Twitter @Psychodwarf

oh, and I read the Tarot

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