Sascha Manns


I was born in 1979 in Mayen (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany). My IT-"Career" begun in the 1990s with my C64 and programming in BASIC. Then i switched to a PC with PC/GEOS and then WIN 3.11. I got all the Windows Versions to XP and then i switched to Linux. Since 2009 i'm a active Member of the openSUSE Community.

In 1998 i finished my training and worked then as merchant. In 2009 i've started to work in the open-slx Community. From 2011-2013 i worked for open-slx regularly. Inside this company i worked as Community and Support Agent. So i answered calls and mails for our customers, wrote handbooks and other technical stuff, and made training-videos for the mobile experience Plasma Active.

Now i'm studying to a business manager in business informatics (Betriebswirt in Wirtschaftsinformatik).

Actually i'm seeking for a new job to grow.